Posted by: Josie | May 11, 2005


Last week my work mates and our Japanese staff went bowling! It was a cool nice and our japanese staff are really nice…
So off we all went to bowling.. names on the board got mixed up.. Jamie – Tamie.. Kevin – Kebin..
We all sucked, however you could BYO so we did and we sat drank some beers and had three games of bowling.. Cool fun. Kareoke nights and going to DJ Sako’s gig are the next of our big adventures.
Here are some pictures of our bowling night..

Image hosted by
This is Jamie and Lauren.. They come from Canada and a leaving in three weeks after 7 months of working here.

Image hosted by
This is Kevin. Very high intellect and has a Ph.D in Music. Lovable and brilliant person. He often lends me CDs such as U2 and Radiohead.

Image hosted by
This is Mako, our Japanese manager about to bowl. She is the nicest person I have meet. Friendly and likes to joke around. Asked me once if I wanted a Japanese boyfriend.
Hmm maybe not boyfrined…
Til next time..


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