Posted by: Josie | April 27, 2005


I guess by now everyone has watched the news and knows about the train derailment.
Its freaky. It happneded on the line that I take to work. It is the main train route from Kobe to Osaka. I have taken that route several times myself.
It weird watching the pictures and hearing the stories. I know what those atrain carriage should look like inside. To see the two badly mangled carriages makes it scary.
We have been turning the TV of when it comes on, as it is almost on every channel. Sometimes it just too close to home.
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  1. Good to hear you’re ok! I’m glad you weren’t on that train. How scary!

  2. Josie…..
    Legend. I’ve got it on there. It looks like crap but i will work on that another day. Thank you Thank you Thank you!
    Love Wendy.

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