Posted by: Josie | April 21, 2005

Pictures taken with new camera!!

Image hosted by
This is a statue of Rokko Island

Image hosted by
This is the view walking to Nova Kids

Image hosted by
Two students drawing whilst waiting for class to start!

Image hosted by
Nova Usagi (Nova Mascot!)

Image hosted by
Two cute students!

Image hosted by
The kids room I teach in. Rokko Island is a brand new school. Plush carpet!

Image hosted by
Teacher room! Bloody small. Can’t een swing a cat!



  1. Loved your pics, keep them coming! I am going on a school trip tomorrow so i will have some to share also.

  2. Hey Josie!
    Great to see you’re enjoying things over there. Looks v. industrial!
    I found this website by an American guy teaching in Japan. Thought you might be interested
    Cheers 🙂

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