Posted by: Josie | April 13, 2005


So at first my comments on this blog were negative about Japan. I have been thinking about that. I think mainly it was an adjusting period. 2 months worth of adjusting.
Now I am teaching more and more kids classes, and I go to the kids only school on Thursday. I am getting a few private students to fill in my days off. I still don’t speak any japanese, however I have managed to get a video card, use the internet cafe, buy clothes that fit, buy my monthly rail pass, go to bars, meet heaps of interesting people, gone to oaksa castle and sat under the cherry blossoms, buy a new watch, drink beer that no matter how much you drink or how drunk you get; never seems to give you a hangover, join a gym and proceeded to take areobics classes in Japanese; which is an interesting experience.
So people please don’t stress, I seriously am having a great time. Just the other night I went to a really small bar and I sat with other nova teachers, from around the globe. Irish, American, Asutralian, New Zealand and British all sitting together having a beer in a Japanese bar. How often would I get to do that? I heard some amazing stories, like how an ex nova teacher had started up his own english school, teaching English whilst cooking!! and three years later, that guy is still here!! Amazing stuff!!



  1. you whinge alot!!!!! ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

  2. just joking!! (anonymous wink wink)
    glad to hear you are enjoying it a bit more!

  3. Hi Josie, thought I’d leave a comment at last – being your mother i must do the motherly thing and ask 2 things – where the hell is oaksa and asutralia???? you have never learned to spell have you? luv u 2 bits xxxxx

  4. Nup..i dun taught em english real good

  5. look what i found!
    Cool Cow
    and you thought it was gone forever!!

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