Posted by: Josie | March 31, 2005

kids, psuedo sleep and dogs

Today while I was catching trains, I realised how hard the kids of Japan must have it. Right now is their school holidays. They still have to go to their clubs (sports etc) in their hoildays. This means wearing their school uniforms. It means basically that they can’t go on holidays. I saw kids about grade 5 on the train today doing some school work. The kids here must grow up so quick as they easily catch the train and have the habbits that the adult have whilst on the trains. That is semi psuedo sleep or staring out the window. If that was me, in grade 5, I wouldn’t even know how to catch a train.. as their are no trains in tassie!!
The “parks” here are dirt. They are marked as lush green places on maps, however when you get there it’s DIRT!! I feel so sorry for the kids and animals.
Speaking of animals. I feel very sorry for the dogs of japan. I think its ok to have a small dog, however I saw someone with a husky the other day walking it in the park/dirt! That poor dog needs to run!! Speaking of small dogs before, I saw a real live sausage dog. I have never seen on in my life! I thought it was sooooo cute. A student told me that they have problems in the summer as their stomachs are so low to the ground that they often burn them on the ashpelt (the dogs, not the students). Hahahahah I couldn’t stop laughing as I that image in my head. It still makes me laugh. I want a sausage dog, if I can’t have a dalmataion!!
My schedule has changed and every Thursday I am off to a NOVA Kids only school on Rokko Island. Rokko Island is an artificial island. So in my head I imagined a beautiful tropical isaland with a nova school and few small shops. Well it was my imagination so i can think what I like. However it is the same as everywhere else. True, there are more open spaces and some nice places to sit whilst eating lunch, but not the paradise I imagined.. oh well!! 🙂



  1. Hey Josie,
    For some strange reason I couldn’t comment on your last blog – so here we go … I know this sounds bad – but I like “Bridget Jones’s Diary” – just think doll – there’s always the second movie. Just try to have a little fun and worry about the serious stuff later!
    have fun and eat lots of Teppenyaki!

  2. Hmm I agree. I guess you can spend your whole life wondering if you made the right decision or if you are in the right place or whatever, but things usually work out for the best.

    about your dirt parks…
    Here I am in the middle of the desert, and the parks here are as lush as the Tasmanian rain forest we are so used to….. Cheap labour and seemingly unlimited finances will do that for you i suppose.
    Chin up…. Tummy up (if you are a sausage dog)…
    Love Wendy

  3. Oh yeah, there are sausage dogs here also, so cute!

  4. Do you feel spesh now????

  5. I am on the school computer and it is so fast I can be bothered to get my but into gear and post.

  6. Hey Wendy
    Kids school rocks! I am the only teacher. It was the first day ever it was opened and it felt like it was my school as I had to set everything up.
    So teaching is looking up!!
    Japan is getting hotter.. humid..
    Love Josie

  7. Hi josie, I just wanted to say hi ’cause I am in Kobe, too and the school you work for is pretty close to where I work… heh, I was cruising on the net and found this site 😀 which I think is very cool 🙂 Well anyhow… take care 🙂


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