Posted by: Josie | March 21, 2005

Getting picked up.. and new norfolk.

I went out last night to a tiny bar. All bars are small in Japan. Many forgieners were there. I meet a guy from NEW NORFOLK in TASMANIA!! Oh my fucking god how small is this world. He doesn’t live toof far away either!! That same night a japanese guy, very smoothly mind you, tried to pick me up!! I freaked and got geoff (my boss) to switch places with me so atleast I had some breathing room!!

Teaching still sucks. I long for when I can put my resignation in and leave.. I am thinking of Thailand, however you have to get malaria tablets right?? I don’t want to go to a docotor here and I hear the tablets can make you sick.

I miss driving. I am thinking of driving up the coast of Aus when I get back. Or maybe just visiting a few people in Brisbane.. I don’t really know yet. Just bum around for a bit.

I find more and more in Japan I am semi bowing all the time. don’t think, just do it. And I am constantly saying ‘suimesen’ or how ever the fuck you spell it.. I am getting used to the contrete however when I am having a sad day, all I think about doing is leaving here to the pastures of tasmania.


  1. hang in there josie


  2. Hey!
    I know… it’s tough. It’s tough being away from home and it’s hard being surrounded by concrete and away from all your friends, family, and having people speaking a different language. But on the upside… there are all these gorgeous exotic things around you!

    Thailand is fine – you don’t need malaria pills except for on Koh Chang. I didn’t take any at all. Bangkok is totally fine, the islands in the south are fine except for Koh Chang.

    Keep smiling 🙂

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