Posted by: Josie | March 2, 2005


So I have almost been in Japan for a whole month. For you people back home the month may have dragged. For those in Smithton the month may have seemed like an eternity!!
Some people may have gotten the wrong impression about me and Japan. I like the job I do. Its great money, the students can be fun. But I feel like my IQ has dropped and I have forgotten how to speak in proper sentences. I feel like my skills as a teacher are wasted on this shit job and I know that I want more from my career. I feel like I am working a Woolworths, you know, not taking this too seriously. The hours too are like working in retail. My schedule is 3 shifts of 1:20 – 9 and two of 10:50 – 6:30. So people I DO like the job, but I want more. I want to be a real teacher, in a classroom where I can express myself and let my imagination work. Not just reading from a dumb lesson plan. I want to take kids out for PE, do some messy art, learn things together with kids, not just teach a dodgy English lesson, where I swear it feels like I’m not truly teaching them. I want more as a teacher. I did not spend four years doing a B.Ed (including doing the painful subject about ethics called Schooling, Values & Reason with Mr Peter Davson Galle , lovingly named by us as Dav-Gav. Those two words brings groans to all of us to this day) to teach Mickey mouse style crap teaching. Sorry nova. It’s just what it is.
So folks. I am going to do my four and a bit months teaching. Resign in Mid June. Finish by mid July. Go traveling to Thailand and china first then come home.
And then hopefully another chapter will begin.



  1. Dear Josie,

    It was great to read your stories and hear that things are going well. I’m sorry that the job is less than inspiring. It is a similar situation in most Asian countries from what I have heard. My school in Thailand was fun because they let me revamp the curriculum and the kids were quite shocked by they way we teach things – ie not memorising out of a book. I’m glad that you have settled into life so well. School is going well although the grade 8s are running riot. I have 23 kids doing languages which is very exciting!!! And Denise is coming along too. I have really nice classes, and it has been a smooth start to the year. Look forward to hearing more – particularly if you can think of some funny stories I can pass onto my class (, love Lizzii

  2. Hey Josie,
    I just cracked up when I read about your disgust at the way you speak, I can totally empathise! It’s so funny cause i worked on Wednesday, the school is british and everyone has a posh accent, so I speak very properly…. Then I jump in a taxi with an Indian driver to go home and I speak in this weird semi english language to try and make him understand me. What is with that!!!!!
    Love Wendy

  3. ah NOVA.

    it has that affect on lots of people, so i’ve heard.–>

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