Posted by: Josie | February 22, 2005

Japan and nova

Ok, so here are some random thoughts,
I have started work and two days into it, I am finding it very repitive! You must follow Nova lesson plans word for word, you can not vary it in any way. Doing the same type of thing 7-8 lessons in a row gets boring. The students are nice. I got a nice compliment from a house saying that (this was her second lesson with me) that she hoped she’d get me again. Student’s also can’t request a certain teacher, so it’s luck of the draw for them.
Another thought on my job. Right now I’m not thinking about planning lessons or the students. When I get there I flick through the files of the students that I have, choose a lesson and then just do it. I then go home and forget about it. Good hey!?
So I am coming home in August. Auguest 2nd to be exact. I just wont change my ticket and resign in July. I will relief teach when I get back home.
Not to say the Japan isn’t good. Because it is. There are so many things to do, places to try food, sights to explore. It is challenging trying to overcome the language barriers, and at times can be hillarously frustrating!!
It’s was so cold here last night that I had to wear about 3 layers of clothing, plus a beanine and socks!!
I love catching trains. Its so easy, so fast and fairly cheap. Nova pays for you travel from your home to work.. so that’s good, as I go through Sannyomia (Kobe) which is the main shopping part here…
I have a flat mate. Emily, the girl I meet at Melbourne airport, is now living with me. It’s great as we have been exploring together and tomorrow we are going to see if we can find a gym.
I know people have been looking at my journal as the counter is counting.
So I ask “Where are the comments??”



  1. Because I perfer email. Peter

  2. hi good to se your having fun then,back in august then so you will be back in hobart before the toy run then hmmmm

    catch ya

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