Posted by: Josie | February 16, 2005

I feel the earth move.

Ok so the second night I was here, I woke up to an EarthQuake!! It was only a baby one, but enough to move the apartment block..and me in my futon.. It wasn]t scary as I wasn’t sure if I dreamt it. However when I meet up with friends, they too felt it. It wasn’t too bad though..

Training ins damn simple and you have to follow the plan word for word, step by step.. I can see it getting very repetitive and boring… Six months and I will be back.



  1. AH Earthquake!
    Well, I suppose it is the right area for it. Just wanted to say
    “hi” and hope you are having a fine time in Japan (VERY different though – isn’t it!). I found my short experience to be, well, very busy!
    Take care and enjoy the ride!

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