Posted by: Josie | February 12, 2005

I have arrived!!

So folks, I have arrived in Japan safe and sound!My appartment is small, but cosy and \i have stuck family pictures and hobart pictures up everywhere. I I have meet a friend Emily who lives close by. The trains are hard to get used to and getting stared at is hard to get used to. I start my training on Monday (Valentines day charlie…)
I am missing everyone dearly… But I know that this time will fly and as some of you know, I may be coming back ealier than thought… Vaild reaons to come. I have written some people letters, however the post office has not been open to post them, so hang in there folks!
The Japanese people are very nice, and I got on the wrong train the other day and ended up about 6 stations to far away. I asked nicely for this business man to help me and he got on the right train with me and took me the foriegn personell office with me!! How bloody nice is that!!
So I am fine, apart from missing Mum, Timmy, Liz and Charlie the most…
Til next time. Its good cause there is a internet cafe with FREE coffee open 24 hours for 200yen ($2) per half hour!!! WooHoo! So keep your eyes and heart peeled here!!
Love ya



  1. I’m soo glad you are settling in well. Have you already got your Valentine’s Day card from Charlie or is it yet to come?
    Coming back early??? When?
    Went back to school on Friday. Not the same without you 😦

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