Posted by: Josie | January 27, 2005

Wedding and Beaches

Wendy’s wedding was beautiful! Nice simple cerenomy in a part of Launcestons gorge called “The Fairy Dell”. Romantic spot and the vows were just beautiful! The reception was at a funky little cafe in Launceston, with funky grooves and really nice nibblies all night. Chocolate cake for the wedding cake with little hearts all over it. I did take pictures, but used a normal camera, not digital so you wll have to wait for the pictures I took!

Well things are getting closer and take off day it setting in a bit harder than I thought. Today I got set my international flight ticket so now I am all set, waiting for Feb 8th to roll around.

I have been having a ball in Hobart. On AUstralia Day Melinda and Clint, Charlie and I went to Dodgers Ferry Beach. It was a great day.. However I didn’t learn from the falls and got burnt on my tummy as my bikini top didn’t cover too much. Luckily I didn’t fry, only a little bit pink and not bright red.

I have been going to T42 for drinks quite often and I am going to see The Beautiful Girls on Saturday night at the Uni Bar with Charlie. Should be a nice cruisy night.
Anyway for now that’s all.
Japan awaits. Really soon…



  1. Hello from UG

  2. hello from the mother

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