Posted by: Josie | January 19, 2005

Sun burn and new hair cut

So as I said, I got sun burnt watching the glorious music at Falls. Here is a picture of my poor sunburnt feet on New years day. To this day the tops of my feet are still very dry. Mmm don’t you just love the thong marks??!!! Just for the record, my ankles were very swollen too, as they got burnt. My foot in this picture looks very fat! I normally have thin ankles… “Thin ankles sweetie!!”

And here is a picture of my new hair cut. Liz did it yesterday and I’d thought I’d show you all what it looks like. Do most people get a hair when there is a drastic chnge going on in their lives? I got a hair cut cause I am going to teach in Japan. Some people (and i have ben known to do so) get hair cuts after a major break up.. Why do you get a hair cut? What’s the reason behind it. And please don’t tell me “It’s because need a hair cut” There are normally deeper reasons..

Oh I am going to Wendy’s wedding this Saturday… Woohoo!! Get to get all dressed up!!

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