Posted by: Josie | January 17, 2005

Freak out..

First things first. I am officially over Justin. I have finally realised that he is not committed to anything. He is full of dreams about everything and will never bring it to reality. I know now that, even though he is still a beautiful person, he will never be anything more than a friend to me now.

I know that Japan is really close. I know that I leave in a short space of time. I know this. However,

I don’t wanna do the countdown to Japan. I don’t want to know just how many days left there are to go.


Everything at the moment is going really well. My life feels great. I have some really great friends and we have gone out and had some really brilliant nights. I have lunch at trendy restaurant. I go to the movies. I go to plays. I am going to a wedding this weekend. I go to two year old birthday parties and see about 7 people that I know and that I haven’t seen in at least 5 years. I am happy. I love being in Hobart. I love meeting new people.
Moral of this tale: Just as you get comfortable things change.



  1. Hey Josie!
    I know exactly what you mean: I had that same feeling just before I left. “Everything’s so good here, do I really want to leave?”
    But I left anyway and it has been a fantastic experience, tough sometimes but ultimately totally, totally worth it.

    About the template thing – I had the same problem for a while, it’s to do with different browsers opening the page. You have to adjust your blog so it appears correct in all the different browsers. Something I have no idea about but Lauch (aka HB) helped me with it.
    You’ll have a fantastic time in Japan.

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