Posted by: Josie | December 19, 2004


So I have finished school for the year, received my large pay out and am now back in Hobart. I haven’t written properly for a while, as I have been really busy. Reports had to be done, houses had to be packed, Buffy series had to be watched, Jacci’s birthday antics in Launceston, including spending my hours at the roman baths and waiting for the bubbles, as Jacci was a bubble fiend that day, staff dinners were attended and lots of alcohol was consumed. I am going to miss the staff of Smithton High. I am going to miss the close friends that I have made, Jacci and Wendy.

I went to Uni with Wendy and didn’t know her that well, but this year I have gotten to know her, taught at Edith Creek Primary with her, gotten drunk with her and even got invited to her wedding! I can’t wait!

Jacci and I have so many connections, it’s not funny. From living with a block of each other in Launceston whilst ad Uni, to friends we knew, people she went to high school with, to her sister, to the Uni facility. Very strange that we never met until Smithton, however I am glad that I had meet her as we have become close friends, and yesterday when I went to get the last two seasons of Buffy. and to say goodbye, I could stay no longer than 5 minutes as I could feel that tears coming. I knew then if I did cry then we both would be set off, that would make it very hard to leave. So I held it in until I was down the road and then it happened.

I was crying for leaving Jacci alone (with Matt though) in Smithton. Crying because I had completed a whole years worth of teaching. Crying because I was going to miss lots of the kids I has taught, and I know a few will miss me! Crying because this year had been hard, this year had been great. Crying because I was going to miss the Massey street crew and the fun times we had, including parties with the dancing mop. Crying because I needed to.
But now I am in Hobart, going shopping for Christmas presents.

In six weeks a new adventure awaits. Japan. And that my friends, is why I left Smithton. The world awaits.



  1. *sniff* 😦 soo sad
    I have decided to come down to Hobart on the 8th Jan. I need to go to Launceston on the 7th for an othordontic checkup, I accidentially broke a rubber band off one of my teeth (while eatting choc-chip cookies) and the orthodontist in Burnie is on holiday until Feb so I’ll have to go to Launnie and they are only open certain days. I don’t think it’s an emergency but I had better go get it fixed, the last thing I want is to have them on longer!
    So I’ll be seeing you next week!

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