Posted by: Josie | November 12, 2004

Athletic and Rain

Ok, so today we were meant to have the first of a two day athletics Carnival. However, the gods don’t love Smithton. Tell me who does? So today the kids were whinging about “the teachers are soft, isn’t not raining”. And now 4 hours later, it is pissing down with rain. Ha. Sucked into those smart arse kids. I tell you, you spend your whole day arguing with students. Pointless most of the time. Stupid for the other part of the time.

So instead of getting my horror class 7.4 to do anywork. Cause shock horror if I actually asked them to do work and heaven forbid if I actually get them to hand work in….Anyway so I got the Lion King from the school library and we watched that.

As it is they couldn’t really shut up for such a long period of time.

Roll on Christmas.



  1. just testing

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