Posted by: Josie | January 7, 2009

Summer holidays

As I am a teacher, I get lots of holidays.. At the moment I am bored of them, as Dooley is still working and does not get as many holidays as I do. Damn him. I know that soon I will be whinging about the state of my new grade 6 class. In a catholic primary school. I swear a year ago I decided to never again teach in a catholic school.. me not being catholic and all…. .but it was a teaching job in a fairly good area and I was starting to have my doubt about nannying and the family…

So my holidays can consisted thus far of : Copious amount of unashamedly watching Dawsons Creek from Series One through to 6. Currently I am halfway through series three…

Checking out new gyms.. and proceeded to do a combat class in 28 degree heat. A rather silly way to re enter the gym scene!

Lots of slothing around in my pj’s til mid afternoon…

Can’t I get paid to do this all the time?

Posted by: Josie | December 2, 2008

Finally did it

After three weekends of getting up early and driving to the city. After three weekend of looking and dodgy rentals, last weekend we found the one we wanted. It’s in Fitzroy St, St. Kilda. It’s not right on that street. It’s on the third floor and back from the street. We have security and you can’t get in without  our say so. Our car is in a secure underground car park and we have a little storage shed. It’s one bedroom, with a huge lounge room and lovely balcony. We are moving in this Saturday!! Thank god. We can now walk to get some yummy food, we can tram it to the city, which is 5 miins away (rather than 45 mins drive) and we can walk to the beach an dAlbert Park is across the road. So all in all. It’s what we came here for. A new chapter starts Saturday!

Posted by: Josie | November 23, 2008

rental market

So I haven’t been on here much, but I have been very busy.

We have spent the last three Saturdays viewing rentals. From the nice ones in docklands (and very expensive) to crappy ones (the people hadn’t even moved out property and it smelt. I think they got kicked out..) to a few nice ones on Fitzroy st in St Kilda. We have decided the latter is where will look. So we looked at one which we liked and spoke at length to the agent.. We will apply Monday, so hopefully next weekend are moving into the city! About time!!

Um so what else.. Four weeks of school to go.. I am busy writing reports today.. Boo..

Next years job.. A professional nanny for now. I have it all lined up. Two children in Canterbury. 11 and 13. They wanted a professional tutor with a music background. They are going to pay me $30 per hour. % hours off in the day… I can finally go back to uni and do Psychology!! Yay!! If for some reason it doesn’t work I am still applying for teaching positions as well…

So that’s the news for now.. Not engaged. No babies. Not going home for Christmas. 2 weddings to go to. 1 in Jan (Dooley’s  brother) and 1 in Feb (Richard, my best friend)

Posted by: Josie | September 2, 2008

st kilda

there is a big possiblity that a friend of ours is going to take over our lease. He is relocating from Sydney. Anyway the point of that is that we will be moving to the St Kilda ares (I personally would love to live at Dockland or Southbank  – but $ may be an issue there).

I have been applying for jobs in the city and already had 3 interviews at some very prestigious schools. Not telling you anymore until something exciting happens though.

Stay tuned!

Posted by: Josie | August 14, 2008


this Saturday Dooley and I are seeing Wicked. We have been looking forward to this for a while, as we booked tickets a few moths ago in order to get great seats.

We are making a night of it and staying in a really nice hotel, with late checkout, congierge parking, and buffet breakfast..Rendezvous on Flinders It’s very swish.. Oh we also get wine and chocolates on arrival.. Very romantic!!!!!!

Posted by: Josie | August 5, 2008


so we are thinking on booking our first overseas holiday together. Looking into Vanuatu.. It looks nice and relaxing.. I have been looking at website to get reviews on the best places to stay and things to do. I am excitied! If all goes to plan we will book it for January next year. Anyone been to give us some ideas?

Posted by: Josie | July 29, 2008


Well didn’t get the job.

The chick who was in the job on contract, got it.

Fuck. Why did they bother interviewing if that was what they wanted..sheesh.

now I am applying for ongoing at awesome schools, and only applying for awesome schools, cause I deserve ongoing somewhere nice. It’s only when and IF I get desperate that I will apply for others.

Our life now will be in Melbourne for the next few years. Time to settle and do it right this time. We will be moving to St Kilda area next year, rather than where we are. Too far out of Melbourne. Ie close the the end of the line / Frankston!

Posted by: Josie | July 22, 2008

HR me baby…

I rang HR Monday and asked just what was going on. John tells me that the forms got held up in NW offices (doesn’t surprise me). The HR office tells me the Director hasn’t signed off on it yet. So it will be end of this end or beginning of next week!

And still I don’t know how Dooley really feels if I do get it. I have an inkling…

Posted by: Josie | July 17, 2008

just keep waiting, just keep waiting!!!

John DID say it would take TWO weeks..

He did say the final word would be from HR within the Tas Ed Department.

However, it still SUCKS not hearing a word.

Posted by: Josie | July 16, 2008


waiting… waiting.. one and a half weeks.

It will be two weeks this Friday.. Grr.

I guess no news is good news right? RIGHT??

Posted by: Josie | July 9, 2008


Tonight a close friend of mine here in Melbourne came over and told me some wonderful news!! She is 8 weeks pregnant!! I am so happy for her! On the flip side, she is leaving to live in Gosford for good. So, I am glad that she is starting a fresh with new goals in her life (and having Pete falling more in love with her everyday!! It’s beautiful stuff to know your friends are getting pregnant and growing up!
I only have a few close friends, here I only had her really, and back in Tassie I don’t have too many.. But the ones I do, I love dearly!! Mwah~~ xoxo 🙂

Posted by: Josie | July 5, 2008


Well most of you know that my job interview went well. I did manage to crap on about myself for 30 mins. John told me that my interview went very well. And that they were really impressed by my answers. They also were very happy with my portfolio and assessment pieces and behaviour management I sent through the day before! So now.

It’s a two weeks wait… John said that I will hear fro HR department and not through the selection panel.




On a better note, Dooley thinks I have it and started mutterings about what he will be doing.. I’m going talk to him about it tomorrow.. Or tonight..

Thank you everyone for your wonderful support and love! 🙂

Posted by: Josie | July 1, 2008


Well I am back after the weekend in Hobart. I crammed a lot into that weekend.

I spent time with Mum, going to Salamanca and then going to see her new salon. Liz came and did my hair. I stayed at Liz’s place for the weekend.

Rachael came over on Saturday  after a quick text asking to see me on Friday night. I love catching up with her. Nothing every changes, we still can sit there for hours and chat!! Awesome!

I went to a four year olds birthday party, with Liz and Jake.

I finally spent some time with Jake. Liz has been with him for one whole year, and I didn’t really know him. Scary how much he looks and acts like Dooley. Just a bit bigger!! 🙂

So I am now back and waiting for the big day on Friday.

Congratulations to Lex and Lauch on their engagement!!

Posted by: Josie | June 26, 2008

Edith Creek

There comes a time when a nearly 30 year old women thinks about her future.

And I have done that. I have applied for a permenant position at Edith Creek Primary School. For those of you who don’t know. It’s back in Tassie. On the North West Coast. Near Smithton. Where Wendy used to work.

You see the plan is to become permenant, move to Hawley/Port Sorell (where Dooley’s family is), teach at a devonport ps for a year then have a child and have heaps of family support around. And Matt and Jacci are happy because it would mean our future children would grow up together!

So that is the plan. My phone interview is next Friday at 11:30. I have already taught at Edith Creek Ps and have been in contact with John.. So ,,

fingers crossed and we will sort out the finer details later..

Posted by: Josie | June 22, 2008

Lazy sunday

So, it’s a lazy Sunday afternoon and I have just finished the final touches on my reports, ready to be printed. I have complete the student Individual Learning Plan that I need for Monday and gathered all the evidence.
Sitting here listen to Triple J, and a Ani DiFranco song comes on. It reminds me of Launceston and sitting in dimly lit lounge rooms, hearing the rain on the roof, smoking and not having too much to do except to rock up to Uni and do a bit of work.

I miss being a Uni student.

Posted by: Josie | March 28, 2008

Jack, 29, Ragdoll

Well it’s been a long time..

We went to see Jack Johnson at the Sideny Myer Music Bowl!! It was awesome. We had seats. I pity the fools on the hill.. (hey isn’t that a beatles song?) We could see Jack perfectly. John and Sare came too.. We had a great time. Just wished Jack toured more often.. And also wished my camera had batteries (couldn’t find the charger)

I turned 29. Sigh.

We are staying in the same place for another year. An achievement for both of us.. Two years in a row is unheard of!

I bought some beautiful beach/yacht/palm fronds/ prints to put up on the wall. If we can’t afford to move to the beach then the beach comes to us. It also helps to make the house more homey.. Also I bought another book case and a small shelf unit to put clothes in. One thing this house doesn’t have is enough shelves to put clothes on. nor does it have air conditioning. But I know I have grumbled about that before. I have been in major tidying mode. It took me all day to fill the book shelf. I worked for about 5 minutes, look around, get annoyed about all the mess, then stop and have a cuppa and watch tv. This, my friends, is the reason it took sooooo long for me. Now all our books are on shelves, not just balancing on the edge of our other book shelf. And our papers are either thrown out or the important ones kept and filed. Yes! Filed!!!!

talking about weather. It was cold here in Melbourne last night. I was so cold that I had my flanette pjs on!!!!! Quite nice now though.

We are thinking of getting a ragdoll kitten. seeing some kittens on the weekend!!

Posted by: Josie | February 14, 2008


Valentines Day!!

Dooley didn’t forget! He did forget our two year anniversary though!

I got a lovely bunch of red roses, a beautiful candle.. and a really nice picture of a beach that you plug in a it lights up and the water moves.. it’s pretty cool!!

Posted by: Josie | January 9, 2008


Computer games don’t affect kids.

If Pacman would have affected us as children, we would now run around in darkened rooms, munching pills and listening to repetetive music.

Posted by: Josie | January 9, 2008

Change is as good..

As it is summer and things are  heating up,  a chance of scenery was needed. Off to buy a portable air conditioner!

Posted by: Josie | January 6, 2008

So much

for avoiding the heat wave. Dooley and I walked to pub to get sweet sweet airconditioning! Got home and opened up the door and windows to get rid of stuffiness in house. One fan was not enough to do that.

Had a cold shower didn’t get dried. We sat outside semi nude while waiting for house to cool down enough to sleep. Went to bed at 12:30am with house not so stuffy.

Woke up at 11am. Which is a feat for me. House was cool. Ish. Decided that one fan needed to be boosted to 3. Sat inside all day watching Family Guy and Buffy. Fans worked really really well.

I gather this will be the way it is over the next week considering the temp wont drop below 25 during the day.

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